Kyle designed Oxheart’s leather service staff aprons. He is a native of Crosby, Texas, and his day job is in the energy business. He discovered an interest in leatherwork a few years ago through an attempt to make his own luggage. His own culinary accolades include 3rd place in “Junior Beef” at the Taylor International BBQ Cook-off (circa 1982).

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PJ Stoops is one of Houston’s most knowledgeable purveyors of Gulf fish. He was the driving force behind Louisiana Foods’ successful “Total Catch Market” which introduced Houstonians to unusual and by-catch fish from the Gulf of Mexico. PJ lived in France for awhile and Thailand for several years, where he met his wife. He has a love for shellfishing, his children, and the occasional half-developed duck embryo (balut).


Russell Montgomery is the bladesmith and owner of Serenity Knives, which created Oxheart’s custom table knives. After collecting homemade knives for years that were more decorative than functional, Russell started forging knives out at his Serenity Knives workshop that were not only attractive, but easy to maintain, sharpen, and use in a variety of disciplines. Russell is an avid woodsman and a proud resident of the Heights.


Three DOT Pots potter, Steve Campbell, shaped many of Oxheart’s custom plateware. He lives and works in Houston, but follows his pottery passion wherever it takes him, including South Korea and China, creating mostly functional or larger architectural high-fired, hand-made ceramic stoneware. Steve has a working studio at his home in Bellaire, but also works as a lab assistant at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Glassell School of Art, firing large gas kilns and electric kilns to ridiculously high temperatures. He loves home brewing (and drinking) beers and IS the “Hairy Potter”.


Gin Braverman is the principal designer for Gin Designs, who designed and oversaw the remodeling of Oxheart into a beautiful, industrial space with modern touches. Gin has worked in film production, residential, and commercial design in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Houston and was a lead designer for HGTV’s “Home Rules.” She is a proud resident of Houston’s warehouse district and could ruin you in a rugby scrum.


Wiley Robertson is the artist behind some of Houston’s most recognizable street art, most of which can be seen in the art in Oxheart’s washrooms. Using sticker, free-hand spray paint graffiti, stencils, marker tags, wheat pastes, and hand painted 2 x 4’s, Wiley creates portraiture, pop culture imagery, letter-based graffiti, and community inspire iconography with a youthful energy and limitless ambition. He is an excellent maker of breakfast tacos and happened to go to high school with both Justins.


Cory Wagner is the lead designer and owner of DumpTruckdesign, which designed and fabricated the indoor and outdoor bar, as well as collaborating with Gin Designs on the design of the beloved service station. Wagner found himself designing and fabricating furniture and fixtures amidst a career as a professor of sculpture and installation. Cory is now working hard at redefining sustainability through DumpTruckdesign while refurbishing his 1885 home in the Old Sixth Ward with his wife Aubrey.


The Kaspars provide Oxheart with their sustainably-raised beef. The Ranch is named for Dennis’s grandfather, August, and their entire family, “us”, and is located in Yoakum, TX. Augustus Ranch believes in hormone-free, anti-biotic free beef and hope to bring that “pasture-to-plate” taste to every meal.


David Buehrer and roaster Ecky Prabanto own Greenway Coffee Co., and provide Oxheart with their expertly roasted beans. It’s their selection of green coffee, to their precise attention to roasting, to the closely-monitored water filtration system, to the carefully selected brew type that allows Greenway Coffee to provide an unmatched coffee experience. In their spare time, Ecky is an avid baker, and David enjoys riveting games of “Magic: The Gathering”.


At Tejas Heritage Farm, they have commited to preserving heritage animals and plants by selecting the finest examples of what our ancestors developed and reproducing them, for posterity, but on their farm. They created a sustainable farm with poultry, ginger, produce, and rabbits produced using organic practices, where they could capitalize on the on farm synergies.


By being good stewards of the land and raising animals free of confinement in a natural environment, Yonder Way Farm's goal is to re-establish the almost-lost art of grass farming. Their cows graze on grass, their pigs root up the pastures, and their chickens forage and roam freely. The vision of Yonder Way Farm is to (1) raise healthful beef, pork, chicken and eggs in a natural environment without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetics or chemicals of any kind, and (2) continually develop a nature-sustaining life style.


Thurs - Mon: 5:30 – 10pm
closed Tues & Wed

1302 Nance Street
Houston, TX 77002